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Publish Date: 11:32 - 19 February 2014
Tehran, YJC. Cleric has criticized world powers for talking of human rights while keeping nuclear arsenals.

Shiite reference Ayatollah Abdollah Javadi Amoli met members of the World Council of Churches on Tuesday.

"Today there are some who keep talking about democracy and human rights, but whose finger is on the atomic trigger with which they can destroy all humanity. We have to work our way to where not only we will not be thinking of making mass destruction and nuclear arms, but remove the existing nuclear weapons entirely,” he asserted.

The grand ayatollah maintained that a universal map needs to be conceived, adding "Before doing anything if there is no comprehensive map, any plans may wear out in a short while. All of us need to know where the world started and what our share of the universe is and how we must live together.”

He pointed out that religious scholars have a heavy responsibility to the human society and said "All of us are responsible before God Almighty. We must take care not to go astray. As world’s religious leaders we have to stop a third world war. If we had taken up our duty, the first two world wars and all that human catastrophe would not have happened.”

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