Syrian parliament speaker criticizes Islamic countries for fighting in Syria

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Publish Date: 15:52 - 19 February 2014
Tehran, YJC. Al-Laham says neighbor countries have made one with the West to fight the Syrian government in its own land.

The Speaker of the People’s Council of Syria who is attending the 9th OIC parliamentary union in Tehran said on Wednesday morning "Syria faces an international war. Neighbor countries are fighting us with the tools of flesh-eaters and with Western support, destroying our country’s infrastructure.”

Mohammad Jihad al-Laham stated "At the beginning of this union we vowed not to interfere with other countries’ affairs. But today members of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation work day and night to do crime against our country. Some member states interfere with our affairs by supporting the opposition, which is carried out by spreading Takfiri ideology and dispatching forces to kill the people and the ruling power of Syria.”

"Today we see Muslim states which spend billions of dollars to kill Muslims and which dispatch sedition groups against other Muslim states. To deal with Islamic sects we have not heard a single fatwa on war on Israel from some of the Islamic countries. Where do we stand in relation to our commitments?” he said.

The parliament speaker further said that while assembled videos accuse the Syrian state of destroying civil and religious centers, it is really the Takfiri and those supported by the West who commit such crimes.

Al-Laham added "US and French warship with the aid of Israel made it to the region. Their aim is one: to destroy the Palestinian resistance.”

"It is to regret that those who introduce themselves as representing the Syrian opposition who are appointed by the US and have no initiative unless approved of by the former US ambassador in Damascus,” he further said.

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