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Publish Date: 14:59 - 11 February 2019
TEHRAN, Feb 11 -Hundreds of thousands of people have headed to the iconic Azadi (Freedom) Square in Tehran amid chants of "Death to America," where President Hassan Rouhani is right now delivering a speech to the nation.

Iran to keep building missiles, needs no permissionTEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC)-Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said massive turnout throughout the country at February 11 rallies, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, proves that the plots of the enemies over the past year have been thwarted.

"Thanks be to God who liberated Iranian nation from colonialism and dependency 40 years ago and Islamic Republic of Iran gained independency by the efforts and helps of this honorable nation," said Rouhani addressing the demonstrators on Monday morning.

This year, he underlined, we now hold the Feb. 11 rallies while the US, Zionist regime and the region's reactionary states have exerted pressure on our nation, however, massive turnout throughout the country at February 11 rallies proves that the plots of the enemies over the past year have been thwarted.

"The enemies will never reach their evil goals. Our path will continue as it has during past four decades, he reiterated.

Rouhani said that the reason for us to overcome all these conspiracies during the past forty years, was "Islamism" and "Republicanism". The faith of Iranian people, the culture of jihad, martyrdom and sacrifice are the greatest achievements of the Islamic Revolution and Sacred Defense, he noted.

Today, the whole world should know that the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran is far more than the days of Iraq's war against Iran. Today, our Armed Forces are self-sufficient in supplying a variety of weapons and ammunition. Today, 85% of our equipment and ammunition are produced by the domestic forces. We will never ask for permission to build anti-aircraft, air defense, ground-to-sea, sea-to-sea and ground-to-ground missiles, Rouhani underlined.

Pointing to Iran's constructive role in the settlement of regional issues, Rouhani said "when Iran decided to help the people of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Yemen, the whole world saw that the enemies did not win, and they are now trying to leave the region. The first achievement of the Islamic Revolution was the safeguarding of Iran during Iraq's imposed war, during which we did not given an inch of our land to to the enemy. Our nation prevailed against conspiracies."

Pointing to Iran's nuclear power, Rouhani said "Iran is the only country that has been suspended from the Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter without yielding to the enemies."

Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter authorizes security council to impose a variety of sanctions after determining the existing of threat to the peace, breach of the or act of aggression.

"This is the power of the Iranian nation and the power of our diplomacy," he added.

Source: mehrnews

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