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Publish Date: 10:55 - 22 February 2014
Tehran, YJC. Tehran’s Friday preacher believes there are some in Iran who are building clandestine structures to have relations with the US.

"I do not know what these guys drank from America’s pitcher that they grew so much keen on it. But they have to know that people do not believe in the US and that their toils will get them nowhere,” said ayatollah Ahmad Jannati speaking at Tehran’s Friday prayers.

He added "Our people will not stand humiliation. Their presence showed that they are not afraid of the option on US table. Their message was that they crave the option on the table. That means a ridiculing smile at the US.”

Stressing that "Down with USA” is Iran’s first option on the table, Jannati said "’Down with USA’ was the entire people’s motto. Other mottos were signs for people’s union against the US. It proved that domestic problems do not make us forget unity.”

"Our other option on table was support for the Palestinian, as well as not being afraid of the enemy or of death; these were messages from our people to the statesmen,” the ayatollah stated.

Addressing "those who seek relations with the US” he said "While you may give and take messages in clandestine meetings, nothing will happen as long as people do not want it. And there is the Supreme Leader leading the people.”

"If you think that in impossible case some day doors are opened to the US, what good will it do people? So far nothing has happened, that’s for sure. They are so nosy to ask what the Foreign Minister does by Imad Mughniyah’s grave,” he further said.

 "Right now they want us to compromise on nuclear issues. But what do Iran’s internal affairs have to do with them? If you let Americans they will beat the hell out of Islam, the revolution and the devout; since they got neither dignity nor humanity. Look what they brought on the helpless Iraqi. They commit homicide in Palestine and support the Takfiri to massacre people,” the Tehran Friday preacher exclaimed.

He further said "These guys even say we must stop helping Syria. They haven’t got anywhere yet but they expect us to end our relations with Hezbollah. God forbid a day when relations are started and they begin to dictate our policies.”

Warning Iran’s officials he advised them to "change their way about relations with the US.”

He further said. "The US is the Satan of the past and present. Yet again it demands the political prisoners to be freed. May those in siege and those in castle be knocked dead that the US endorses them.”


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