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Publish Date: 12:44 - 23 February 2014
Tehran, YJC. Sheikholeslam says disparities between Iran and the US stem from deep, existential disagreements and are not to be solved.

Hossein Sheikholeslam, consultant to Ali Larijani parliament speaker, speaking in a meeting on Saturday said "Our problems with the US concern two different views of the world, the hereafter, and man. That is an existential disagreement that cannot be solved.”

He added "Americans see the resistance axis as a monster whose head is in Iran, whose tail is in Lebanon, and whose waist is in Syria. They say the monster has to be slain in the waist to cut the way from head to tail.”

He maintained that Iran’s nuclear talks are going to be very tough and said "Discussing some of the parts will need 20 years of negotiation.”

The consultant further said "The P5+1 are seeking to set up a structure on which they could control all of Iran. I think they are looking for more than the additional protocol. With these negotiations, Iran has entered into a tough diplomatic war.”

Sheikholeslam also pointed to the Syrian crisis and said "Syria is being punished for its cooperation with Iran in the 8 years of the imposed war. They did not let the plan to overthrow the revolution come true. They opened the way for the birth and development of Hezbollah and Hamas.”

Also providing comments on the OIC parliamentary union recently held in Tehran, he said "The 48 countries attending the summit and stood under the flag which represents the unsullied Muhammadan Islam and the guardianship.”

Pointing out that Saudi Arabia did not attend the summit, he said "Saudi Arabia being absent showed the contrast between the two Islams, proving the victory of the unsullied Muhammadan Islam. Whether or not they had attended the conference, they were meant to be the major defeated side.”

"The rivals and the devils created another version of Islam to the north of Pakistan with Israeli theories and with American mechanisms and with Saudi Arabian money.”

He also made reference to Saddam Hussein’s war on Iran and said "The plan for the war against Iran belonged to Americans, Saddam implemented it and the Israelite supported it.”


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