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Publish Date: 15:06 - 26 February 2014
Tehran, YJC. Takht Ravanchi says fact sheet published by the White House is in stark contrast to agreements made in Geneva.

Senior member of Iran’s nuclear negotiation team Majid Takht Ravanchi appeared in a talk show on Iran’s state TV to discuss the latest developments on Iran’s nuclear program.

Pointing to the fact sheet published on the White House website he said "We will not have any nuclear site closed. We have said that very clearly and we think that the other side has got the message. Also we explicitly said that the enriched substances will not leave Iran.”

Asked if there are any talks with the US on agenda he said "There is no talk with the US on agenda. Iran’s negotiations with the US government will be conducted within the frame of the nuclear talks.”

He further added "The Islamic Republic of Iran is neither allowed nor seeking bilateral relations with the US.”

He stated that enrichment levels and volume, Arak heavy water, and the removal of sanctions will be the salient features of the final step of nuclear talks and said "After the final step, Iran’s case must be neutralized.”

Takht Ravanchi said that the Geneva deal emphasizes that the negotiations should address the sanctions set against Iran, adding "The Islamic Republic of Iran considers none of the sanctions, because they are all unjust.”

"We are facing two things,” the nuclear negotiator stated, "One is that in the recent talks the opposite side has stepped forward and we feel that a fairly positive atmosphere is prevailing. On the other hand there are improper moves by US officials which make any judgment that we will reach agreement in the 5 months ahead a little difficult.”

He further said "The rival’s behavior teaches us that we must be uttely vigilant. As regarding the Geneva agreement I believe they acted unethically. At 5:00 in the morning Geneva time the final agreement was signed. The Foreign Minister asked us to translate the text immediately and give it to the press. This shows that we have nothing to hide. But on the other side, after half an hour the US published a text on the White House website under the title of ‘fact sheet’ where they stated what was in the Geneva agreement with words they preferred and omitted some of the topics such as enrichment, whereas it is mentioned in the Geneva agreement two times, once in the prelude and again in the final section.”

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