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Publish Date: 9:15 - 05 March 2013
TEHRAN, YJC. Sources of the news website said that Obama, scheduled to arrive in the occupied territories on March 20, wants a detailed Zionist withdrawal plan from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the visit.
The sources said the Zionist plan would be considered in what could be an imminent U.S. initiative to establish a Palestinian state in the West Bank in 2014.

"Obama has made it clear to Netanyahu that his visit is not about photo-ops, but the business of Iran and a Palestinian state,” a source told the website. "The implication is that if Israel won’t give him something he can work with, then he’ll act on his own.”

The sources also said Obama’s demand has sparked concern in Netanyahu’s office, stating that on March 1, the Zionist daily Makor Rishon (First Source) stated that the next Netanyahu government would destroy numerous Jewish communities in the West Bank.

The sources went on to say the White House warned that Obama’s forthcoming visit could characterize U.S. relations with the Zionist entity over the next four years. They said Obama aides stressed that Congress, which approved $3.1 billion in military aid to the entity for 2013, supported the establishment of a Palestinian state as a U.S. priority.
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11:34 - 1392/01/04
you have no idea what you are talking about. Go visit the ferlormy Indian Jews who live in Israel and meet their fully assimilated children who are indistinguishable from other Israelis. Try Nevatim or Dimona if you do visit Israel to find Jews from India. The whole idea that Israelis are white is nonsense based on a lack of knowledge. The majority of the Jewish population is made up of Jews who were expelled from the various Muslim countries.As for the stuff about Israel wanting to destroy the Muslim countries. Israel made peace with Egypt and Jordan and returned all their territory to them. Israel withdrew from Lebanon and has held peace talks with Syria based on the premise of withdrawal from the Golan Heights. Your whole premise is based on nonsense.
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