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Publish Date: 15:16 - 10 March 2014
Tehran, YJC. President says that Saudi Arabia and the UAE contributed to the war imposed on Iran through Iraq.

Hassan Rouhani who was speaking at a conference in the memorial of martyrs said "At 1:00 pm on September 22, 1980 and the war started all of a sudden. They attacked us all at once from air, land, and sea. What had we done against Iraq and other neighbors? We had no armed forces in the saddle and circumstances were those of the post-revolution period.”

The president stated "You may like to know that the aircrafts which used to bombard Tehran were given to Iraq two years into the war by the Soviet Union, that is, they used to help Iraq in the middle of the war. The Mirage F1 would bomb our refineries from 4 miles away, they would not even approach the target.”

"We would discuss which way the fighter flew as it bombed Tehran, later on we found that it struck Tehran while flying over Karaj. It would not care where it hit, it would only shoot,” he said.

The president further pointed to Saudi Arabia’s aid to Saddam Hussein during the war and said "AWACS aircrafts would observe our movements from over Saudi Arabia. They would even cover up to Tabriz. The fighters would even attack from the south then go to the UAE where they were celebrated then.”

He added "We stood and fought against the world and we still have many ill-intending and conspirators around the world.” 

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