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Publish Date: 11:28 - 05 April 2014
Tehran, YJC. Ayatollah says recent resolution by the EU Parliament the EU works against Iran.

Tehran’s Friday preacher ayatollah Movahedi Kermani addressing recent talks about the EU’s to-be office to be launched in Tehran pointed to the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979 and said "They must get a lesson from the American spies because people will no longer allow another spy den to be launched in Iran.”

He also pointed to the EU Parliament’s recent resolution against Iran and said "The EU Parliament’s resolution against Iran is a huge source of wonder. I have to condole Europeans because they are slaves to the EU and will have to do whatever their masters say.”

"It is so pitiful, I mean they have taken indecency to its ultimate levels. What bizarre expectations! What a bizarre claim! Human rights violated in Iran?” Kermani exclaimed.

He further stated "They order the seditionist freed. I think that the Europeans have left no dignity for the sedition leaders. Of course the sedition leaders had no dignity. They are so bold to demand that Ahmed Shaheed enter Iran and make sedition.”

They want their leaders to come to Iran and hold meetings with seditionists. In fact they officially state that they want to make sedition and to fight, the ayatollah said.

"These wretched creatures expect homosexuality to be allowed in Iran. The Iranian nation has given thousands of martyrs to gain their independence, yet they are so rude to interfere with our everything. We have faith while your faith is only a plaything. We are pious whereas you think of your own debauchery. We will not allow such obscene interference,” he stated.


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