Strategic relations with Israel inconceivable for Islamic countries: Pakaeen

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Publish Date: 11:20 - 06 March 2013
TEHRAN, YJC. The Iranian Ambassador to the Republic of Azerbaijan Mohsen Pakaeen has addressed the strategic Baku-Tel Aviv relations and their impact on Iran-Azerbaijan cooperation.

"I believe that Baku-Tel Aviv relations are not strategic. Basically no Muslim country can have strategic relations with Israel,” he said.

Pakaeen added that Israel has occupied Islamic lands including all of Palestine and parts of Syria and Lebanon.

He believed that Israel is the number one threat to the Islamic world and cannot establish strategic relations with Islamic countries.

Iran’s Ambassador to the Republic of Azerbaijan described Iran-Azerbaijan relations better than any time in the past and said that for the extensive relations between Tehran and Baku, Israeli media try to impose negative vibe on the relationship.

Pakaeen provided comments on late positive developments, such as a visit by Iran’s Secretary of National Security Commission to Baku and said that due to the developments, Israeli media have set for deterioration of Tehran-Baku relationship.

Pakaeen believed that there is nothing special to Azerbaijan relations with Israel, but the Zionist regime amplifies the way the relations sound in order to pull itself out of isolation.

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