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Publish Date: 9:43 - 18 May 2019
TEHRAN, May 18 - Iranian officials have slammed contradictory statements emerging from the White House, as it is not clear which officials in the Trump administration are driving policy decisions.

Confusion in the Trump team on Iran and Tehran's reaction

TEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) - "With the #B_Team doing one thing & @realDonaldTrump saying another thing, it is apparently the US that doesn’t know what to think," Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in a tweet on Friday, referring to mixed signals on Iran coming from the White House.

"We in Iran have actually known what to think for millennia—and about the U.S., since 1953. At this point, that is certainly "a good thing!" Zarif added. 

Earlier in the day, US President Donald Trump said that even the Iranians may be confused about what comes next.

"With all of the Fake and Made Up News out there," Trump wrote on Twitter, "Iran can have no idea what is actually going on," Trump said in a tweet on Friday.

Later, in a speech to real estate agents, Trump made no effort to clarify, saying, “It’s probably a good thing because they’re saying, ‘Man, I don’t know where these people are coming from,’ right?”

Meanwhile, Iran's Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi replied to Trump by saying, "It seems he is afraid of his own shadow! @foxandfriends should make educational programs about #MadAdvisors (Bannon, Bolton, Kushner, Miller, ...) for him."

"Everybody knows where does Fake News come from!" he added.

As US administration is trying to send a mixed signal to Tehran, some critics think that Trump’s credibility has suffered, and his options have narrowed.

“If you make threats and then people decide you aren’t going to follow through, if you’re looking for the reaction and you stop getting the reaction, the options are either to make larger threats or to stop going down that road at all,” said Jon B. Alterman, Middle East Program director at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Source: Iran Press 

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