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Publish Date: 13:51 - 22 April 2014
Tehran, YJC. Iranian nuclear negotiator says the final round of talks on the country’s nuclear deal concern the smallest detail conceivable.

In interview with Mosalas Online, Iran’s nuclear negotiator and Deputy Foreign Minister in Europe and Americas Affairs provided comments on ongoing nuclear talks and said "Each side had their own views on each of the concerns under discussion which made us better familiar with the other side’s ideas and outlook. Of course the other side has also got to know our concerns. I have to say that there is a long way ahead of us to reach the end of agreement. however, the discussion framework is clarified to a great extent. We will be settling for composing the text in the next round of talks. The composition, though, is a very tough job, since we have to make sentences that both sides agree to. In the last round we will spend hours discussing any word and even comma in order to reach a text that satisfies both sides. The issues are diverse, so the text to be written is going to be very intricate. In all complicated negotiations it is a rule that until everything is agreed to no general agreement will be made.”

Abbas Araqchi further said "The Geneva accord was an interim deal while the final deal agreement will be a comprehensive deal. We used to use different lawyers in Geneva at the top of whom stood Mr. Zarif himself whose specialty is international law and in which he holds a doctorate degree. Under current circumstances we felt that as we approached the more serious stages of negotiation and the composition of the text, it was necessary to use more legal consultations as well as more serious and regular ones. That’s why we invited a number of lawyers to help the negotiation team, because when we settle for negotiations every word has some significance and every sentence some weight. So we use their legal consultation and help.”

The prominent nuclear negotiator stated "What was important for us was to secure enrichment, to make them respect our enrichment. That was done. The other agreements are done to improve the atmosphere. Lifting sanctions from cars, aircraft parts, etc. were the  most important topics dealt with. The major goal was to remove part of the sanctions and free some of the money. On the Geneva agreement we didn’t much negotiate the amount of money. Whenever we reached the frozen assets we would day that the amount did not matter much. The important things was that they would show their goodwill. Our honor would not have us negotiate the amount. What was important was the enrichment which had got.”

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