Analyst: Reform support for Rouhani weakens

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Publish Date: 13:43 - 23 April 2014
Tehran, YJC. Tajik says the moderation administration is transforming into one of integration.

The "Rouhani passage” project, also called "the four-year tenant” is what, according to Fars news agency, Reformists set on their agenda right after the incumbent president gained office, a process through which many analysts believed would be a bridge to take the Reform movement from a state of coma to vitality.

Activist Mohammadreza Tajik in interview with Shargh Daily has stated that Reform support behind the Rouhani administration has diminished since the presidential election.

The president’s consultant and head of the Presidential Center for Strategic Investigations of the Khatami administration said "Support for the insight and hope administration is subject to time. In case the government does not manage to make out how to deal with challenges that threaten society, his key will lock many doors on itself and leave the supporters behind closed doors.”

"The moderation administration is turning into an integration one,” he stated, adding "It has to gain control of itself as soon as possible and settle its diverse, and sometimes contradictory, internal inclinations.”

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