'Chaos and risk of civil war' if no Ukraine vote :Hollande

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Publish Date: 12:18 - 06 May 2014
French President Francois Hollande warned on Tuesday that Ukraine risked descending into chaos and civil war if the presidential election planned for May 25 is not held.

"There would be chaos and the risk of civil war" if the vote does not take place, Hollande said during an interview with BFMTV and RMC radio. 
"Pressure must be put (on Russia) by all of Europe and by the United States through sanctions," Hollande said.
He said it was in Moscow's interests for the vote to take place "because it does not want to be seen as a country that wants to prevent another country, in this case Ukraine, from voting."
"I have had indirect contacts with (Russian President) Vladimir Putin to make it clear to him how important this election is to France. At the moment I think he must be under pressure," Hollande said.


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