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Publish Date: 11:16 - 10 May 2014
Tehran, YJC. Cleric says neither Iran nor the US will abandon their convictions in nuclear talks.

Tehran Friday preacher who was talking about Iran’s nuclear deal said "It is clear what Iran is after. Neither will we abandon our stance nor will the US stop enmity. Our stance is to support the oppressed around the world. Also, our stance is logic, wisdom, and law, whereas the US stance is force, bully, and egotism.”

Movahedi Kermani added "Our stance is fair relations with the world, while the US stance is to worry over our developing relations with the world. The Iranian team has to take note of this. See who our enemy is. This is a tough mile.”

"They introduce us as violation human rights for issuing death sentences,” the preacher said, adding "It seems that in cases they do have death sentences themselves. It is also said in the Bible that if one is damaged it must be compensated, and if someone is killed the murderer has to be killed.”

Kermani then stated "Humanity means to respect the rights of all people. But there is no such respect for the US, its stances derive from arrogance and egotism. The US would say that only its own and Israel’s security must be preserved and it would be Ok if the oppressed Palestinians’ blood is shed.”

He maintained "The US believes that nuclear bombs are Ok to be owned by Israel and the US, while the peaceful use of nuclear energy is not allowed for Iran. The US has that sort of logic and that’s why we do not trust them. Americans have proven constant liars.”

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