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Publish Date: 12:18 - 08 March 2013
TEHRAN, YJC. Head of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights appeared in the state channel 2 news talk show to discuss Ahmed Shaheed’s recent report on human rights in Iran.
Mohammad Javad Larijani said regarding kinds of human rights reports "One is thematic reporting. In Iran there are many thematic reporters to whom we have answered in thousands of pages. Therefore assigning a special reporter for Iran is itself a primary human rights violation.

A condition for appointing someone reporter on a country is that they do not have any predisposition regarding it. This guy, Ahmed Shaheed, like an actor appears in TV and speaks against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Head of the High Council for Human rights added "Another interesting thing about Ahmed Shaheed is his relations with terrorist groups and their support of him.”

Addressing Shaheed being Muslim, Larijani said "His being Muslim is only in name. It would’ve been way better were he Jew or Christian because his report was insult to Islam.”

He also pointed to outright mistakes in the report and said "In the report a Dervish has been mentioned as detained who would go to convent. When we delivered the news to the Dervish he said ‘woe on them that I am free.’”

He added "What is behind these things is enmity with Islam. The report concludes that all Sharia rules that are not in keeping with international norms must be eliminated.”

Larijani also pointed to abuse of religious minorities in the report and said "Somebody acts as spy in Iran who might have any faith. When he is arrested they say they arrested him because he was a Kurd, whereas were he a Twelver Shiite he must have been confined as well.”

He also provided comments that two ways for doing mischief exist as minorities and ethnicities and added that these are used as coverage for terrorist actions against national security.

He also provided comments on the death sentence for Rigi and said "International organizations can ask us why we executed this man. In return we will issue a full report on Rigi’s criminal record and say we executed him according to the rules of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Larijani also claimed that in these days most extensive support is given to terrorists under the rubric of human rights.

Larijani also addressed the conditions of churches in the country and said "We financially support churches, but the same way that building mosques has rules outside of Iran, building churches in the country is also subject to rules. Therefore we do not approve of it if someone propagates Christianity in the basement of his house to children without the consent of their parents.”

Head of the High Council for Human Rights pointed to the previous two reports by the UN as unsuccessful and asserted "We are invulnerable against this kind of propaganda.”

He also addressed sanctions on drugs against Iran, saying "Lack of consideration for this anti-human act by the West in Ahmed Shaheed’s report shows that the money he has received from the US Department of State does not allow him to write report on these things.”

"The big 2009 coup was against democracy, but this reporter has spoken against the Islamic system instead of defending it,” he added.

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