Syrian candidate: Relations with Iran, Hezbollah fundamental

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Publish Date: 15:39 - 18 May 2014
Tehran, YJC. Hassan al-Nouri says to pursue a political solution to the Syrian crisis, he will maintain relations with Iran and Hezbollah if elected President.

Hassan al-Nouri who is running for the 2014 Syrian presidentials in interview with Fars news agency said that as the present Syrian leaders are intent upon a political solution to the Syrian crisis rather than a military approach, his to-be administration will consider relations with Iran and Hezbollah.

"Resistance is our red line,” he asserted, adding "Syria’s relations with Iran and the Hezbollah are something that concerns the resistance axis. The Syrian presidential elections are in no way concerned with the resistance line, because whoever is elected to that office in Syria will know that resistance is a constant national and ethnical tenet.”

"All Syrians look to relations with Iran and the Hezbollah as fundamental and not subject to any sort of negotiation or dispute. Neither  do we accept any dispute over the resistance line. This is a line lead by Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and their friends such as Russia and the other BRICS countries,” al-Nouri maintained.

He praised the resistance line for its victories in 2006 and for handling the Syrian crisis so far and stated "This strategic alliance has scared the enemies. That is why no President can adopt any position besides it. If he does so, he will be having 23 million Syrians against himself.”

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