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Publish Date: 11:21 - 31 May 2014
Tehran, YJC. Jazayeri has said if the US and allies had the ability to attack Iran they would not have hesitated.

Second in command of the Armed Forces General Staff of the Islamic Republic of Iran in reaction to recent statements by Barack Obama, where the US President said all option are on the table regarding Iran, said "If the US and its allies ever had the ability to attack Iran they would not have hesitated for a moment in doing their savage act.”

Masoud Jazayeri asserted "They know that laying hand on Iran will mean for Tel Aviv to be demolished and for the war to go on inside the United States. That is why what the US President said is no more than the utterance of unattainable childish dreams.”

Head of Iran’s Defense Propaganda Staff said "The Islamic Republic of Iran and its regional and global fellows will pass by the challenges and crises created by the domineering powers to bring destruction upon super-capitalism and the world-devouring Zionism.”

"Although material facilities and soft war abilities enjoyed by the US and its allies seem on the surface to give them prominence and power, unprecedented favor by the world’s freedom-fighters and the fact that the Islamic revolution guidelines have been so widely adopted speak of roaring waves which will give Iran the upper hand,” Jazayeri said.

He added "Neither US rulers nor Zionist media can damp the global understanding of the military failures suffered by invaders in Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. People take US bluffs as a ridicule against the country’s leaders.”

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