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Publish Date: 14:28 - 02 June 2014
Tehran, YJC. Nateq Noori says criticism to the country’s current state will count only as help to the US and is to be avoided.

Aliakbar Natiq Noori in a meeting with clerics from Khuzestan said "Criticism to the existing circumstances means to provide alibi for the US and to weaken Islam. Why would we help the enemy by criticizing the government? If there are issues home they must be addressed in private circles. There would be no need to mention them on the altar or in mass or social media.”

The member of Iran’s Expediency Discernment Council added "It was a wrong move when some prevented the speech which was to be given by Hassan Khomeini who has stood by the Supreme Leader. It will do nothing to the revolution but harm.”

"Nobody, not even the Leader would allow extremism,” Nateq asserted, adding "Before the revolution harassing the government would serve Islam and harm the US, but today doing so will benefit the US and harm Islam.”

Asked "Some years ago you were a leader of the Principalist movement. What happened that you have quitted and introduced yourself into Reform?” he said "I have never agreed to the radical ways of the two Reform and Prinicipals parties. I am against such actions.”

"It is right that I am a principalist, but my principalism is not equal to taking recourse in radical actions. I am strongly against radicalism,” he further asserted.

The Expediency Discernment member added "As I believe, in the same way that radical Reform movements have damaged the revolution, extreme actions by the Prinicipalists as well have challenged the state and have hurt it.”

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