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Publish Date: 16:09 - 07 June 2014
Terhan, YJC. Velayati says Iran is a convoy which is being fully protected by a qualified leader.

Head of the Expediency Discernment Council’s Strategic Research Center in interview with Tasnim pointing to Ayatollah Khamenei’s leadership said "In these long years which I had the pleasure to accompany him, never did I find a hint of worry in him regarding the threats directed at Iran by the US and Israel.”

Aliakbar Velayati said "It is noteworthy that the leader of this convoy does his job with so firm a resolution. His trait in boosting the public morale and that of the officials has been highly critical to the resistance. Because they who have proved to be able to withstand such equipment, why do they have to be worried now that they have the ability?”

Head of the Strategic Research Center further said "It was the Leader’s industriousness in working with those Muslim jihadists who fight for the liberation of the Islamic nation and resisting the Zionist, the oppressive, and the colonizer which has paved the way for so great victories which have now taken place.”

"One who holds the flag and is the leader of the convoy and to whom people look, if he is stout, people will get optimistic and stand up. The US did whatever it could in the 8-year war. It is capable of no more. This is a thing repeatedly told by the Supreme Leader to hearten people and officials, saying ‘If they were capable of any more they wouldn’t have had withheld it,’” he asserted.

Pointing to Western policies against Iran he said "They did whatever they could. If they didn’t do more it was because they couldn’t, not because they cared for us. They are not basically happy with this system, with this Islamic Republic. Why should they be happy when this government with 36 years of resistance against them has managed to turn into a model for the Islamic world which all look at and say ‘so one can resist the US and the Zionist.’”

Providing comments on how the Islamic revolution has influenced other Islamic countries, the Head of the Strategic Research Center said "This has been Iran’s living model before the eyes of the Muslim to lead to the way Hezbollah thrived and defeated beat Israel. This is the reason why now a pop, revolutionary government has risen to power in Iraq, withstanding all regional and international threats. This was also the reason why the people of Syria stood against an international war. Iran was a model for them and Iran supported them as well; the same with Afghanistan.”

The colonizers do not welcome such a model, he said, stating "The very existence of the Islamic Republic, regardless of the fact that it will not attempt any threats, is a threat to the illegitimate interests of the colonizers and the arrogant. They say ‘These have stood up and said "no” to us; do not recognize Israel, are against détente with Israel, are against compliance to excessive US demands, and in the meanwhile have made some progress here and there; in science, technology, defense, security, and politics.’ If they are able to, they will surely annihilate such a living, clear model so that they will have the chance to tell others ‘Whoever stood against us will fall sooner or later, be it Iran.’ That’s why they are not happy.”

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