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Publish Date: 10:32 - 14 June 2014
Tehran, YJC. Former Iranian ambassador to the UN says Saudi Arabia has never had relations with Iran based on respect.

Providing comments on the Rouhani administration’s foreign policy, former Iranian ambassador to the UN and France said "Some countries including Saudi Arabia have reassessed their policies toward Iran. It is unfortunate that Saudi Arabia’s policy toward Iran is harsher even than that of Israel. Saudi Arabia is experiencing a serious crisis inside its political system. The former support bestowed on Saudi Arabia by the US has diminished.”

"Right now there’s talk of people thriving and the public mentality that exists among people. All in all, wherever there is democracy, Saudi Arabia is not going to welcome it. The Saudi Arabian system is one of bare monarchy and would not tolerate such an idea at all. That is why Saudi Arabia is currently in one with Israel against Iranian interests, against the interests of regional nations. Saudi Arabia is desperate enough to have its own serious crisis. Today the extremist front is Saudi. Bandar bin Sultan and the current he supports have turned to be the other side of the bin Laden coin,” Sadeq Kharazi said.

He added "Things are tougher than to imagine what the future in Saudi Arabia would be like. Saudi Arabian officials have developed identity and personality crisis. The young Saudi Arabian generation may be able to make a change inside the Saudi ruling system.”

He then said "I believe that Mr. Zarif has treated Saudi Arabia very well. It is Saudi Arabia that has to put up with Iran not Iran with Saudi Arabia. Iran has not done anything. Saudi Arabia has committed crime in some places in Iran and it should be responsible. The Arab-Iranian outlook also has to be abandoned on both sides. I believe that if mutual diplomacy is activated, especially among regional countries, there would be no need for one to act as the big brother. I do not buy that Ahmadinejad or his administration behaved badly toward Saudi Arabia. Head of the 10th administration made a trip to Saudi Arabia without having the head or any special one from other side come to Iran. Our foreign policy toward Saudi Arabia has not, speaking in abstract terms, been formed on the notion of dignity. It is a tragedy that all have to stay in line waiting for the Saudi King to smile.”

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