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Publish Date: 14:13 - 14 February 2013
A US congressman has said that Iran is a powerful country on cyber space with the ability to infiltrate US infrastructure.
Mike rogers, US Representative for Michigan's 8th congressional district, has said that Iran is the major threat for US infrastructure on the cyber space.

Speaking Wednesday in a session to introduce his Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, also known as CISPA, this member of the Congress said that Iran may pose the highest risk of a destructive cyber attack on US critical infrastructure.

Although Russia and China are conducting large-scale espionage campaigns, he noted, Iran is a more likely threat to the US.

He has claimed that when it comes to attacking the US, Iran is able to do anything to attack the country on cyber space or cause catastrophe to US economy.

Rogers said that Iran has already displayed its abilities in wreaking havoc abroad in attacks last August against the Saudi Armaco oil company and the Qatari gas firm RAsGas, which erased the data from 30,000 computers and denied employees access to their emails for more than one week.

He also claimed the last fall’s denial of service attacks against US banks to relate to Iranian cyber operators,  acknowledging those attacks to be damaging.

"Most people believe that was a probing action, they’re trying to find deficiencies in our systems to find a better way to come back and cause some catastrophic disruption,” Rogers said. "You can imagine how devastating it would be, not just getting into that system but actually breaking that system, manipulating and changing data, and destroying data. Devastating. That could bankrupt a company.”

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