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News ID: 4404
Publish Date: 9:56 - 16 June 2014
Tehran, YJC. Official says Iran has devised mechanisms to legally pursue violations to citizens’ rights committed by foreigners.

Deputy Chairman of the Martyrs and Veterans Foundation in Legal and Parliamentary Affairs said "According to the rule obliging the government to pursue and redeem the rights of Iranian citizens suffering damage by foreign governments, especially those by the US, on May 24 the President issued an order where the Vice President in Legal Affairs will file suits against the US in cooperation with the Martyrs Foundation.”

Faqihi said "The Martyrs Foundation intends to support chemical warfare veterans and help them file suits. We have got more than 70 thousand chemical warfare veterans from the Iran-Iraq war whose bodily and mental symptoms grow worse and worse every day; symptoms which will also get through to the veterans’ next generations. One will not go too far to say that there is no crime by the Ba’ath regime as harsh, heavy, and painful as the chemical one against the war veterans. It is a duty for us to do take resolute action against such a deed. The legal nature of the job has been recognized by international law. In the same way that local US courts are allowed to attend to cases against Iran, our likewise action as a sort of retaliation is legally conceivable worldwide. The least outcome of this action would be to prove once more the rightfulness of our chemical warfare veterans on the international legal arena.” 

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