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Publish Date: 9:30 - 18 June 2014
Tehran, YJC. Expert gives comments on how to have a healthier heart.

Traditional medicine expert Javad Alavi in interview with Tasnim news agency provided comments on how to keep a healthier heart and said "Happiness and joy strengthen the hear whereas dejection, fear, anger, and embarrassment weaken it.”

"To keep your heart healthy you need to avoid smelling unpleasant smells and to enjoy pleasant aromas as your taste would like. The soul should not be annoyed with bad smells,” he said.

Alavi also stated "Having rich gravy, soft-boiled egg yolk, and fresh pomegranate juice improves the heart health. People have to avoid constipation because it damages the heart.”

"The bowels have to be soft and not constipated, because the fumes that come from the constipated bowels damage the heart. So it is needed that the bellows be soft and that constipation be avoided,” the expert added.

He further said "The use of tobacco, cigarettes, the hookah, and alcoholic drinks damages the heart severely. Also hot food like garlic, onions, and mustard are detrimental to the heart.”

He further pointed out "Wearing good perfume and perfumed clothes, using delightful food such as saffron and useful spices, avoiding extremes in tough sports, avoiding too much sex as well as sleeplessness are also recommended to prevent heart diseases and contribute to a healthy heart.”

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