Kian drones used for targeting and tracking

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Publish Date: 11:24 - 21 November 2019
TEHRAN, Nov 18_The expansion of drone technology has now given the opportunity to use them in different sectors.

Kian drones used for targeting and trackingTEHRAN, Young Journalists Club(YJC)_Today the technology of Drones or a remote- controlled pilotless aircraft or missile is vastly being used in different fields such as communications, aerological research, geography and espionage.

32 countries are currently building and expanding over 250 assorted types of exploration drones.

Drones have different varieties: lightweight drones that weigh only a couple grams (MAV), miniature drones that weigh less than 25 kilograms and heavy weight drones. These 3 types of drones are also divided into mobile and immobile wings.

Another way to group drones is based on function. Drones have 4 distinct functions: Military drones that can hit targets in the sky and on the ground, spy drones, logistic drones and non-military commercial drones.

The first time this strategic product was used was in 1849 in Austria and has since then grown to be what it is today.

The Kian 1 drone was designed to deflect and distract the enemy and to also examine radar towers and different ranges of radars around the world. It has an estimate speed of about 480 km per hour. Although, many of its features have been disclosed due to security reasons.

The Kian 2 drone has been said to be used for identifying, targeting and tracing and this machine can hit a target from 1000 km away. The Kian 2 pilotless aircraft, with its ability to fly at a high altitude for long durations of time can hit targets that are further than our country’s boarders. Information on the Kian 2 has also been disclosed.

Com. Qhasem Faravani, one of the commanders and specialists of aerial defense, stated this remote- controlled aircraft is highly valuable and the programs that are being sent and downloaded to its hardware are some of the most modern in the world.  These drones can be used to detect or to attack.

Non- Iranian media have given mixed opinions and analyses on the new Iran made weaponry.

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