Cleric says Kurdistan to grow into a malignant tumor if making a country

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Publish Date: 15:11 - 06 July 2014
Tehran, YJC. Tehran Friday preacher has expressed wonder over the upcoming referendum on an independent Kurdistan.

Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami on Saturday pointing to recent developments in Iraq said "What goes on in Iraq is the result of a joint scheme by the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the Kurdistan region. As a staff they manage the savagery that goes on in Iraq. Members of the staff are the countries’ representatives.”

"This staff tries to make the Iraqi’s votes useless. There was democracy in Iraq, people came to the scene, and they voted for currents that were no servant to the US,” he stated.

Khatami exclaimed "We do not claim that the current which gained victory in the Iraqi elections was not related to the US, but at least they do not serve them. That’s why this makeup does not satisfy Americans.”

"The US is trying to disturb the game,” he said, adding "It tries to gain through ISIS violence what it could not gain through democracy. To disintegrate Iraq is the thing the managers of this scheme expressly emphasize.”

Directing his criticism at the Iraqi Kurdistan President Khatami said "Massoud Barzani expressly talks about referendum. He wants to join Kirkuk to the Kurdistan region. This won’t be the end of the road. It smells of the beginning of the great Kurdistan scheme which the arrogance has been pursuing since the beginning of the revolution.”

 He added "This plot has to be intercepted. It must be kept from forming, because then another cancerous tumor like Israel will be created in the Persian Gulf area. The disintegration will not be bound to Kurdistan.”

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