Daily Trade in IME, Oversteps to 137 Million USD

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Publish Date: 11:28 - 15 July 2014
On 14 July 2014, 154Kt of various types of metals and minerals commodities were traded with the total value of 104 Million USD (2700 billion IRR).
According to the report from IME international affairs and PR, in the metals and minerals trading floor of IME, 1,760 MT of C-type HRC with the base price of 17,077 IRR (0.65 USD) was sold by Mobarakeh Steel Company. Also, this company had a successful offering of B-type HRC with the base price of 16,707 IRR(0.64 USD).

The other nameable products which were offered by this company and traded in this trading floor were 500 MT of CRC type-B, 300 MT of galvanized plates and 300 MT of tinplate.

In the metals and minerals trading floor, 13,500 MT of C-type slab were traded with the unit price of 14,320 IRR )(0.55 USD) and Esfahan Steel will also sold 8.8Kt of I-beam 20-27 with the base price of 16,100 IRR(0.62 USD).

In the copper group, 135 MT of products were traded by IME, 10 Kg of Mouteh Gold bar were traded in this trading floor.

Based on this report, Trade of 126KT of steel plates were registered in the matching system of IME.

In the export trading floor of IME, 50Kt of Jalalabad mines iron ore were traded with the unit price of 37 USD/MT. Also, 1Kt of 6070 bitumen from Hormozan and 200 MT of 6070 bitumen from Mehr Parsian were traded.

The report adds, in the oil and petrochemical trading floor of IME, 11Kt of polymer products from Tabriz, Maroon, Jam, Navid Zar Shimi, Shazand, Polynar, Aryasasol were traded. 9Kt of VB, 6,163 MT of bitumen, 2Kt of lube-cut and 300 MT of sulfur lumps.

Based on this report, 233 KT of various types of products were traded in Iran Mercantile Exchange trading floors with the total value of 137 million USD(3,558 billion IRR).

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