Not far for Zionist tumor to be wiped out

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Publish Date: 15:14 - 16 July 2014
Tehran, YJC. Jannati has stated that it is time that Israel be wiped out of the earth’s surface.

Secretary of Iran’s Guardian Council in a statement condemned Israel’s violence against Gaza.

Ahmad Jannati writes "While the soccer World Cup games are being held, drawing the public attention, the blood-thirsting Zionist regime has once more seized the occasion to render a savage set of crimes against the poor people of Gaza.”

"The savage Israeli regime has used silence from countries which pretend to freedom and human rights to disregard all international human regulations to do some of the most heinous crimes against the defenseless people of Gaza, dragging women and children into blood,” he added.

The ayatollah further stated "The reactionary leaders of Arab states who had previously united against the resistance front in Syria and Iraq and will not withhold any support from terrorist groups such as Daesh, have now closed their eyes to the atrocious crimes of the Zionist, refraining from the minutest help while the people of Gaza are in dire need for common things, especially medicine.”

 "But let the people of Gaza know that these crimes are not hidden to the freethinking people of the world. We will not forget them and we will always give our support to them. We believe that the only way to fight Israel back is resistance and integrity. We believe in God’s promise which is the victory of the right over the wrong. If God wills, this tumor is approaching the day it will be wiped out of the surface of the earth.”

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