Venezuela starts gradual fuel supply nationwide

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Publish Date: 9:21 - 04 June 2020
Tehran, 04 June_Following the arrival of Iran's five fuel-loaded ships in Venezuela, the government of President Nicolas Maduro has initiated a gradual process of improving the gasoline supply throughout the Latin American country.

Venezuela starts gradual fuel supply nationwideIn this context, the Venezuelan head of state has announced that over a thousand of gas stations will be progressively re-opened during the upcoming days.

Lawmakers say the Iranian contribution has been significant for the recovery process that Caracas has just launched to provide fuel to every citizen. 

From a different angle, the opposition decries the government policy on fuel. Meanwhile, lawmakers have also backed the official strategy on fuel.

Improving the gasoline supply seems to be a big challenge for Venezuela, which is also resisting illegal US sanctions that have weakened its economy. Meanwhile, officials promise to improve the country's situation.

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