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Publish Date: 14:01 - 16 July 2014
Tehran, YJC. Lawmaker says contrary to what Iranian nuclear diplomats say, the negotiations are talks with Satan which are rather disturbing.

Ebrahim Karkhanei, Hamadan representative to the Majlis, in interview with Namayande news website pointed to the ongoing negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program and said "We took the Geneva talks, which resulted in the agreement or joint plan, lightly. In practice we have given them to much space, leaving them free to make demands.”

"They think that Iran is intending to reach an agreement whatever it takes, while we are thinking to preserve our interests no matter what it takes,” he said.

He added "We have to be powerful and watchful, because our rivals are enemies. We are negotiating the enemy. When we are talking to the enemy we cannot be calm.”

"We are facing enemies who have fought the Islamic revolution for 35 years in every corner of the world. We are facing the great Satan, America. Can we be optimistic or calm when we are dealing with the great Satan and all its powers?” the lawmaker enquired.

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