Dems seeking Vienna agreement with an eye to elections: professor

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Publish Date: 12:43 - 20 July 2014
Tehran, YJC. Political analyst says US democrats are trying to make Iran’s nuclear talks succeed in order to prepare a better footing for their presidential campaign.

Davud Hermidas Bavand, political commentator and International Law Professor at Tehran University, in interview with Mizan pointed to the recent Vienna talks on Iran’s nuclear program and said "The sides stress that within the remaining term some desirable result must be attained.”

"Even if a desirable outcome is not achieved in its full capacity, the case has to be pursued in the future in order to reach a final state,” he maintained.

Bavand added "On one side Iran is trying to lift the sanctions and on the other the P5+1 are trying to limit the number of centrifuges.”

Pointing out that the US ruling party follow Iran’s nuclear talks with an eye to the next presidential elections he said "The US President is being blamed that he gained nothing either from Syria, Ukraine, or Iraq. Therefore the White House and the Democrats are trying to make the Iran-P5+1 talks gain some achievement.”

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