Were there no Tehrani Mughaddams, not a single missile would have been launched from Gaza today

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Publish Date: 14:25 - 21 July 2014
Tehran, YJC. Rezaei has said says Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam empowered the Palestinian resistance.

Attending a Ramadan feast on Saturday evening, Mohsen Rezaee pointed to the toils of Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam in the military field and said "This dear martyr was on Imam Hussain’s front and he gave his live for the betterment of Iran.”

"If there were not the likes of Tehrani Moqaddam today not a single missile would have been launched from Gaza today, nor any shout would have arisen from Lebanon; in one word, resistance would have not meant anything and truth would have been slain,” Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Discernment Council stated.

Pointing to the ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza he said "Israel’s alibi for attacking Gaza is to find the place where resistance missiles are launched.”

Hassan Tehrani Moqaddam was a missile engineer who has been described as the chief of Iran’s ballistic missile program. He died in a blast at an IRGC depot 25 kilometers from Tehran in November 2011.

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