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Publish Date: 10:18 - 12 March 2013
Tehran, YJC. Iranian scientists have developed a spectrophotometer, making the country the fourth in the world with the technology to build the device.

Nader Shokoufi, the project manager, said in an interview by Mehr News Agency "This device measures radiation intensity as a function of wavelength.”

He added that the machine is able to register electromagnetic spectrum in the visible light and UV areas simultaneously, stating "The spectrophotometer with array detection is a high-tech system whose technology is restricted to the US, Netherlands, and Japan.”

Shokoufi provided comments on regular spectrometers and said "In regular systems the spectrometry of substances is done based on a scanning system, that is, wavelengths are measured and registered one by one.”

"On the other hand the newly-developed device measures all the wavelengths simultaneously and they are visible on the monitor right away,” he added.

The researcher said that the device can be used as a basic tool in chemistry laboratories, chemical engineering, oil, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, and any other industry that deals primarily with substances.

He also pointed to the application of the device in physics, optics, and photonics and said "In physics and photonics the device can be used to measure a spectrum sample of a radiation source such as the sun or any other source.”

Shokoufi believed the most important parts of the spectrophotometer to be the radiation source, the sample case, the ray separator, and the array detection unit.

"The electronic part of the system is a high-tech one. Also very advanced software is used since a lot of data is transferred between the system and the computer, making it difficult to work with regular systems,” he added.

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