Iranian commander: Disarming Palestine no more than a delirious dream

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Publish Date: 22:44 - 30 July 2014
Tehran, YJC. Soleimani has said that Iran is behind the Palestinian resistance against Israel.

In a message to the Palestinian resistance which al-Mayadeen news network called rare, the Commander of the Iranian IRGC’s Quds Corps stressed Iran’s support behind Palestine against Israel.

"Let the killers and the hirelings know that we will not, for one moment, set down support for the Palestinian people’s resistance,” Soleimani’s letter read.

"Let the entire world know that disarming the resistance is but some unfounded idea; an illusion which will not see the light of realization,” it read.

Soleimani further wrote "It due time we will vent our rage on the Zionist.”

He then hailed the resistance by saying by sending regards to the Palestinian brigades and militant forces.

Expressing sorrow over the scenes of killed Palestinians he wrote "To defend humanity and Islam, which can now be seen in Palestine, we recommend weapons, blood, and dignity.”
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Iran (Islamic Republic of)
15:07 09 May 1393
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