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Publish Date: 14:57 - 13 August 2014
Tehran, YJC. Larijani says while the West pursues its plans for the ME through tension, the Muslim nation must stand by each other.

Speaking at a meeting with Iranian ambassadors held in Tehran on Monday, the Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani pointed to controversies over Iran’s Fordo nuclear facilities and said "It has become a source of wonder for us why the Six Majors are so sensitive. If it means why we have built the Fordo nuclear facilities in a secure place, it is because of the threats from the West’s side. Fordo is otherwise open to IAEA inspectors. No one is stopping them.”

"If the P5+1 are serious in their talks everything is likely to be resolved sooner,” he said.

The Majlis Speaker maintained "The world has to admit that the power and technology of Islam has altered. But Westerners would like to create tensions now and then. But of course there has always been reactionary measures. But the problem is that they have resorted to armed actions.”

"This can be seen in two ways,” he said, adding "The differences in outlooks must be given special attention. Imam Khomeini’s theory on the unity of the Islamic world has to be strenuously pursued. Adopting tactical approaches to terrorism is the biggest strategic mistake.”

Larijani further stated "Please see that Obama, who has grown worried over the Kurd these days, used to keep silent while the Syrian Sunni killed Christians and the Alawi, even backing the terrorists. In Iraq and Mosul also, the Kurds killed the Sunni and Yazidi and Obama did nothing. What’s happened that all of a sudden he’s become alert?”

Also referring to what he called prioritizing diplomatic policies he said "I agree to the President saying that the economic and diplomatic spheres must grow stronger. Neighbors have got priority for us. I reiterate that due to circumstances, Iran’s international role has to grow more vivid and our relations with neighbors should grow stronger.”

"In the Majlis things are aimed at supporting the Foreign Ministry, especially regarding the nuclear case. We support the nuclear talks, but keep observing within the framework that is necessary to be used,” he asserted.

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