Sanctions seem diminishing on the horizon: Chamber of Commerce

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Publish Date: 10:30 - 13 March 2013
Tehran. YJC. President of the Chamber of Commerce has said that the ICC disapproves of sanctions against Iran.

Mohammad Nahavandian in interview with Fars addressed the news on diminishing sanctions and rumors on the revocation of the SWIFT sanctions, saying "In issues relating to the sanctions and political pressure on the economic section we must rely on official words instead of rumors.

”Nahavandian added "In an atmosphere of mutual respect tangible and practical steps can be taken to influence the economic stage and the creation of a positive vibe can be a good prelude to the effectiveness of these steps.”

President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Islamic Republic of Iran said in answer to the question whether the revocation of the SWIFT sanctions will help private sector monetary transactions "In general the position of the private sector all around the world and in the commerce chambers of countries is in opposition to sanctions.”

He also believed that economic sanctions are pressure exerted by politicians on economy; pressurizing economy as they have not realized their political goals.

Nahavandian further said "The Regional Commission of the International Chamber of Commerce and other private sector assemblies around the world have always expressed their disapproval of sanctions.”

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