British general warns WWIII might break out

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Publish Date: 10:00 - 10 November 2020
Tuesday, 10 November 2020_The head of the UK armed forces has warned if current, smaller conflicts escalate out of control, drawing in more countries and weapons, world war three might break out. In a Remembrance Day interview with sky news General Sir Nick Carter said the world is currently quote, a very uncertain and anxious place.

British general warns WWIII might break outGeneral Carter says Britain's army could comprise 90,000 human soldiers and 30,000 robots by 2030s. Aside from plans to modernize and amplify its own military capabilities, the UK remains the world’s second biggest arms exporter.

Military arms deals worth an estimated £39bn were approved between 2008 and 2017, a third of which went to countries with abysmal human rights records.

The UK currently has 11 billion pounds worth of orders. So how does stockpiling and exported arms factor into the UK’s third world war game plan?

The world is still reeling from the results of the presidential elections in the US, undisputedly the world’s military heavyweight. And although Donald Trump’s 4-year term was the first without a new war since Eisenhower, his administration has allowed military voices to shout down those of experienced civil servants in the development of foreign policy. Funding cuts to non defense federal agencies and many career civil servants resigning, means policy planning is being entrusted invariably, to those in uniform.

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