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Publish Date: 5:07 - 24 November 2020
Tuesday, 24 November 2020_There is clearly no love lost between the vast majority of EU lawmakers and US President Donald Trump. Members of the European Parliament have been debating the recent elections in America.

Trump's record pummeled by EU legislatorsAmongst other things, under Trump, EU nations have been at odds with the US on trade, the Iran nuclear deal, climate change, the so-called Middle East Peace Process and NATO.

If Joe Biden enters the White House and saves the Iran nuclear deal in defiance of Trump, that would be a good thing, most analysts agree.

Given that more than 70 million people voted for Trump, it has been suggested Trumpism is clearly still alive and well.

A number of lawmakers here have stressed the point, the Trump era has underlined the critical need for the EU to become more independent from the policies of the United States. For example, by cutting arms exports to aggressive regimes like the one running Saudi Arabia. 

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