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Publish Date: 23:08 - 25 November 2020
Wednesday, 25 November 2020_US special envoy for Iran says Washington will impose new Iran-related sanctions on four entities in China and Russia, accusing them of promoting Tehran's missile program.

US imposes new Iran-related sanctions on four entities in China, RussiaDuring a virtual event at Beirut Institute on Wednesday, Elliott Abrams reiterated that the pressures on Iran would continue to mount over the coming weeks and through December and January.

"We will have next week, and the week after, and the week after - all through December and January, there will be sanctions that deal with arms, that deal with weapons of mass destruction, that deal with human rights. ... So this will continue on for another couple of months, right until the end," Abrams noted.

The remarks by Abrams come as the administration of US President Donald Trump still insists that all options are on the table against the Islamic Republic.

This week, the Israeli media reported that Israel and the US are planning to carry out "covert operations" and increase pressure on Tehran during Trump's final days in office.

According to the report, Tel Aviv and Washington maintain that Iran would not take any military action in response to any attack before the end of Trump's era.

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