Arizona prison guards use teargas, pepper-spray after inmate unrest

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Publish Date: 8:09 - 29 November 2020
Sunday, 29 November 2020_Hundreds of inmates at an Arizona prison were involved in unrest that reportedly involved teargas and pepper spray being deployed against them.

Arizona prison guards use teargas, pepper-spray after inmate unrestAmerica’s incarceration system is notorious for its poor conditions, gangs and violence but has been especially hard hit during the coronavirus pandemic as outbreaks of the virus have spread through many jails.

The incident happened at Eyman prison in Florence, Arizona and the institution remains on lockdown after the incident on Wednesday.

In a statement Judy Keane, director of communications at the Arizona Department of Corrections, said an investigation had been launched into the trouble.

“Several hundred inmates grouped together around staff and refused to disperse,” Keane said and added: “The Designated Armed Response Team and Tactical Support Unit responded to the incident and deployed non-lethal munitions to gain inmates’ compliance with instructions and secure the inmates inside their dorms.”

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