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Publish Date: 10:03 - 16 March 2013
Tehran, YJC. Head of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights has said that his country “does not riddle” people’s private lives with espionage tools.

Speaking at a meeting with NAM representatives in Geneva, Mohammad Javad Larijani said that the existing UN documents are written in outwardly enlightened literature and added "All countries, including NAM members, must criticize these documents at all levels and try to make room for divine teachings in them.”

"In this regard” he added "we must pay attention to education and raise confidant experts who would be sensitive on human rights and be free from the demands of the West.”

He also said "We respect UN human rights mechanisms and keep to our commitments but will never yield to what is not in keeping with our Islamic rules, faith, and culture. We will on the contrary try to strengthen our cultural values in the structures of human rights.”

Larijani who was addressing the accusations in Ahmed Shaheed’s report on restrictions by the Iranian government on homosexuality said as his fourth and last article in defense "In Iran, we have not riddled people’s lives with advanced espionage tools. It is such that today people in these countries cannot tell if the government is not keeping them under surveillance cameras even in the bathroom. We do not do such things, but if someone is to do something illegal such as promoting homosexuality, and promote by doing it, our law considers very severe punishments for that.”

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Korea, Republic of
07:55 - 1392/01/05
Yes, in the nonexistent, i.e. imlsosibpe, universal morality point of our view, their laws are barbaric when compared to our laws. Baruch, you are not Iranian. You are not positioned to pass judgment on the laws that 65 million Iranians have accepted. Please, don't take issue with this word accepted . Laws can not please everyone and freedom fighters/terrorists will be jailed or worse until the collective will of the people overturns the regime. You are positioned to evaluate your local laws and how the elected representatives are upholding your value system. The US perpetrates and suffers its own crimes against universal morality. Look in the mirror and cast not the first stone. Its too easy to find fault with others choose the more difficult task of seeking out these faults within your own. Bento, UDHR is a wonderful 60 year old piece of paper (like all laws). Iran went though a cultural revolution in the early '80 s and became an Islamic caliphate. That would explain why this UDHR is not relevant or applicable in their eyes. If you take the time to discover the number and type of UN resolutions the USA has vetoed, you would direct your UDHR upholding efforts at the US, not Iran. The US has directly or indirectly been involved in supporting more torture, destruction and killing, than Iran. I believe that US citizens (and all humans) are intrinsically good. If we, the people, start to use our voices (or blogs) not for cheering for the home team , (which is really easy!), but for changing the rule book from that of self-interest to a more enlightened form of govenance, based on respect for self-determination and diversity, we may affect that which we are entitled to affect our own behavior.I realize this is counter to what one may call the human condition , but a worthy cause and exercise non-the-less. What is the point of having countless baby-kissing, barbarian bashing blogs?! Think about the relative view and enlighten, or at least intellectually challenge, those around you who are ignorant of it. Otherwise, we start to believe our own propaganda
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