A lack of international action against Israel murder of Gaza fishermen

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Publish Date: 8:28 - 16 March 2021
Tuesday, 16 March 2021_Israel have been held responsible for the deaths of three Palestinian fishermen, which may lead to a new round of fighting in Gaza, so before the Israeli regime plays victim, what was the significance of the event which just took place?

A lack of international action against Israel murder of Gaza fishermenThe Ministry of Interior in the Gaza strip stated, in a press conference, that the three slain Palestinian fishermen were killed as a result of an explosive Israeli quadcopter last Sunday. 

The investigation that was conducted led the Gazan authorities to consider three possible causes of the accident/crime: an accidental Israeli explosive resulting from explosives left in the sea; a Palestinian test rocket that may have hit the fishermen's boat; the Israeli navy that may have shot at them.  

Firstly, the investigation revealed that the boat carrying the slain fishermen was outside the range of the rocket fired; hence, this hypothesis was discarded.  

It was also found that, about half an hour before the explosion, two other fishermen had found an Israeli quadcopter in their nets and had handed it over to Maritime Police. The quadcopter had an explosive device attached to it, the Gazan Ministry of Interior stated. 

Another quadcopter was found in the fishing net of the three dead fishermen and was found to be completely identical to the one found by the other fishermen.

The spokesman of the Ministry of the Interior in Gaza, Iyad Al-Bozom, said in the press conference that the forensic report on the bodies of the three martyrs indicated that they were killed as a result of the severe explosive shock by a non-fragmentation device, and no metal fragments were found in their bodies. 

Al-Bozom further added that this confirms that the explosion was caused by a device similar to the package carried by an Israeli "Quad-Copter" drone, which was found by fishermen half an hour before the deaths of the slain fishermen, near the site of the explosion. 

The ministry then released an animated video recreating what had happened, and distributed pictures of the remains of the quadcopter. This was then circulated throughout Palestinian media and has been used to demonstrate to the people of Gaza what had occurred.

Two brothers, Muhammad Hijazi Salih al-Lahham and Zakaria Hijazi Salih al-Lahham, and their cousin Yahya Mustafa Saleh al-Lahham, were murdered during their work on their boat in the Khan Yunis coast, in a mysterious explosion. They were all married with children and their only source of livelihood came from fishing. 

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