Statement of IWPF On the Occasion of the International Day of Peace

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Publish Date: 15:43 - 18 September 2014
Since long time ago, monotheistic religions, cultures and nations have considered peace and justice an important part of the indexes of a sublime life for human beings and international communities and have called on the entire mankind to follow these objectives.
But in practice, as the demand for these common human and religious values has increased, oppression and injustice too has increased in certain points of the world by particular players. The structures of the international community that are experiencing the most politicized of their periods are helpless in laying the foundations of a sustainable international just peace and even at times add to the depth of the regional and world crises due to their decision in favor of vested interests.  

The year that we put behind was replete with threats to the peace and breaches of the peace and justice, which was worse than its previous year regarding takfiri terrorism, illegitimate interventions in the internal affairs of some nations, Acts of Aggression and ultimately widespread crimes, especially international war crimes against the oppressed people of Gaza. All these events complicated the issue of peace and made it more vulnerable in 2014. 

At the same time the performance of international community in the field of realization of international peace and justice was also weaker compared to the previous year. The terrorists who have turned region the target of their terror and violence are still continuing their heinous terrorist acts without any effective reaction; the criminals who committed the most tragic massacre of the civilians evade international trial with impunity, while international tribunals have closed their eyes to these crimes and shirk their responsibilities in prosecuting these criminals who are violating international order.  

The international players who impose sanctions and economic pressures on others even by violating the most fundamental rights of the patients and students still continue to expand them. The players that have obtained and expanded weapons of mass destruction (WMD) by violating international peremptory norms under the pretext of non-proliferation and maintaining international security undermine the national interests of the states that seek development in their transitional phase in the emerging world order. In the light of all these evolutions, the one-year performance of international community in the field of peace and justice is negative.

The Islamic World Peace Forum maintains that the future world will be witness to the end of hegemonic system and germination and fruition of the seeds of justice. In this horizon, the status of the public responsibility for establishment of just peace will be just tantamount to another wing called "the right of peoples to peace”. These rights/duties will be the pillars that will move from individual abstract definitions towards philanthropy based on universal resources and human nature. The international community of nations, states and humanity should sincerely and fully participate in the materialization of this new world order.

The Islamic World Peace Forum calls on all intellectuals, non-governmental organizations, media and pillars of international community to review a peace which is based on a hegemonic world order, whose inefficiency has been proven over these centuries, and follow a pacific and just path in international environment and prepare a universal roadmap based on common universal values, particularly human dignity to achieve this goal.
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