Iran makes new gas contract with European company

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Publish Date: 11:07 - 20 September 2014
Tehran, YJC. Iran has signed a gas contract worth about $100 million with an EU member.

Iran’s National Gas Company signed a deal with a European company to provide equipments for some of its pressure boosting sites and pipelines.

The company’s Directing Manager Hamid Reza Araqi has said that in the current year, the company will put 10 pressure boosting facilities into operation along with accomplishing the 6th, 7th, and 8th inter-provincial pipelines.

Besides these, it has been a policy on the company’s agenda to boost its capacity for natural gas export to Europe. Some of the pressure boosting facilities that are going to be operational this year, such as the 3rd Azerbaijan pipeline and the 6th cross-country pipeline will boost Iran’s capacity for export to Turkey and European countries.

Also, last week Iran started negotiations with a European company to provide some of the fund needed to complete the 9th cross-country pipeline which will be one of the main pipelines to carry gas to Europe.

Besides these, Iran has signed a deal with a European company worth about $100 million to provide equipment for its pressure boosting facilities and pipelines.

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