Iranian Parl. opposes gradual sanctions lifting

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Publish Date: 18:30 - 04 April 2021
Sunday, 04 April 2021 (YJC)_ In a statement, Iranian parliament opposes any gradual sanctions lifting.

Iranian Parl. opposes gradual sanctions liftingIn a statement released at the end of the Parliament’s open session on Sunday Iranian lawmakers oppose step-by-step plans for lifting sanctions.

“Iran has the definite policy to oblige all parties to the JCPOA to lift sanctions completely,” they wrote and added “In case of sanctions remaining, the plan is to nullify the sanctions and to provide economic progress for people.”

“All sanctions should be fully lifted and this should be verified by Iran’s parliament, then US can return to the table for the deal” they wrote.

Holding any negotiations to define balanced steps with the P4+1 and the United States that delay the complete lifting of sanctions is to the detriment of the interests of the nation and it is not acceptable.

“All the sanctions imposed during Obama and Trump administrations must be lifted immediately,” they wrote while adding that “the implementation of this strategic law can dictate the superior power and logic of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the enemies, forcing them to lift the sanctions completely in order to remove the economic pressure from the people.”

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