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Publish Date: 14:44 - 16 March 2013
Tehran, YJC. Iran’s former Deputy Foreign Minister and Ambassador to Syria has said that Syrian missiles can hit everywhere in Israel.

Speaking Friday night in a news round table aired on the Iranian channel 2 he said "Enough missiles are in Syria to target Israel inch by inch.”

Shiekholeslam added "Turkey was fooled by Israel and the US and has made great mistakes.”

Ahmad Bakhshayeshi, Professor of Political Sciences at the University of Tehran and Middle East analyst, who was also present in the talk show pointed to the necessity of reforms in Syria and said "Some think that Iran is after preserving Bashar Assad, while Iran is more confrontational to the fact that Persian Gulf sheiks and countries with small populations must decide for Syria.”

He defined Iran’s purpose in defending Syria as defending the resistance line and stressed Iran’s welcoming reforms in the country.

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United States
22:55 - 1392/01/04
STEAM IS BLOWING OUT MY EARS, MOUTH AND NOSTRILS! First, last and always, Judea and Samaria are Israeli poprerty. I don't give a flying fig WHAT Jordan enamed that land when the unlawfully occupied it, it is JEWISH LAND, ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND WITH ANY SENSE OF INTELLIGENCE it will remain so. But intelligence seems to be the one thing lacking in the Israeli leadership.WHERE is the "moral equivalence" in this outrageous situation? WHERE? It does not exist. All I have to say to the world is bah fongul. Would Washington permit an Arab state adjacen to its borders? We all know the answer to that one, don't we? The world is filled to overflowing with hypocricy and their sympathies lay with the Nazis and the Arabs who learned the BIG LIE technique from their grand mufti who spent most of WWII in Berlin hanging out with such nefarious characters as Eichman and others including the author of the big lie, Hitler himself.There are no such people as "Palestinians." Yet Israel kisses tush as though they had a legitimate "right" to their own state. Syrians are killing other Syrians because they are the "wrong kind" of Musims. It is as though Orthodox Jews went around killing Reformed Jews. They don't particulary like them, but that is a far cry from out-and-out slaughtering innocent people.How I wish that there was some way to stop Assad, but if you look at his name, it is self-descriptive: Ass and sad. It all has to do with GREED and POWER. It still boggls my little brain how one man can control millions of people and breed loyalty with their troops.Other Muslims don't give a damn about the suffering of their own people, why should they care about Syria? It is too bad that Israel can't do anything about the situation.Pardon me, I've got to toss my cookies right NOW.
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