Book discusses energy in Iran-Turkey relations

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Publish Date: 10:06 - 30 September 2014
Tehran, YJC. Umud Shukri Kalehsar’s book is a deep investigation into the two countries’ relations and the role of energy there.

This book examines the fundamental reasons for the Iranian-Turkish energy rapprochement from 1996 to the AKP administration, in an attempt to find out whether the ongoing reconciliation points toward Turkey’s rearrangement rationalization in the international system.

It applies a strict qualitative analysis in considering the perceptions of the decision-makers throughout the intergovernmental partnership process with Iran on major energy policies: energy security, economic relations and Iran’s nuclear program.

Further to this, the book aims to counterbalances the main arguments of foreign policy and energy analysts.

The findings of the study reveal that the Iranian and Turkish governments need each other in the energy field, due on the one hand, to the fact that Iran needs Turkey to export and transit its oil and natural gas into the European market, and on the other, that Turkey requires Iran in order to diversify its energy resources.

Turkey’s energy demand is increasing rapidly due to major industrialization in certain parts of Turkey. Thus, Turkey has an ardent desire to supply this demand from a reliable resource.

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