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Publish Date: 11:06 - 17 March 2013
Tehran, YJC. The son of former Iranian President Rafsanjani has said that the best form of elections would be one in which the principalists, reformists, and ruling side would compete.

On the arrangement of parties for the elections Mohsen Hashemi said in interview with a local news agency:

Looking back at previous elections we see that none of the political wings, the principalists and the reformists or the right and the left have been so confused. All are awaiting an event. Hopes for future are diminished even among those close to the system. There seems no serious activity. Disorder and lack of planning are evident even among traditional principalists. It is necessary that those believing in the system enter society and elections with all their political weight; else those who use public property to disseminate their perverted ideas will get back on again.

Commenting on who would take Ahmadinejad’s place he stated:

In such situations one cannot tell who would succeed Ahmadinejad. The traditional principalists are focused on Larijani, Velayati, Haddad Adel, Mottaki, Pourmohammadi, Al Eshagh, Bahonar, etc. The radical principalists go for Lankarani, Jalili, Zakani, Elham, and Nikzad. The military principalist have Rezaee and Ghalibaf in mind. The ruling side think of Mashaee right now and if he is disqualified they will join the radical principalists. I think one that is more trustworthy to the system will have the chance to succeed Ahmadinejad, of course if Hashemi or Khatami do nut run or are not let to.

Considering his father he said:

Because I am his son and I do not want to talk about this. What is for sure, though, is that Mr. Hashemi does not consider running for elections in the current situations.

On his father’s support for any candidate Mohsen asserted:

My father and the family have not yet discussed and agreed on anyone. He is waiting until registrations are done.

As to his father’s ability to administer the country he stated:

It is natural that he was born in 1934 and now he is 78. So he does not have the energy he used to have.

Answering a question as to the strong points of Ahmadinejad’s administration, Mohsen Hashemi said:

I believe that the 9th and 10th administrations have been successful only in populist propaganda.

In answer to a question as how he evaluates the presence of reformists in the elections, Hashemi said:

This question has an answer if a tri-polar campaign is to form, one that is composed of the reformists, the principalists, and the ruling side. Indeed a tri-polar election needs the system’s tolerance, which has not existed so far. On the other hand evidence exist that the system is not looking out for the reformists, because the reformists do not have the financial power for a not-pwerful presence, and on the other hand neither the principalists nor the ruling side want their full presence. It seems that the campaign will run between the principalists and the ruling .

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Iran (Islamic Republic of)
23:43 09 January 1392
I think it will be better To Rafsanjani and Khatami to announce his candidacy in the current situation of the country.
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
13:16 06 January 1392
this man himself used to be a big opponent to The System , how com he is feeling worry about the upcooming elections !!!!!!!!
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