Americans Lie About Their First Vaccine Shots to Receive Booster Dose, Report Says

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Publish Date: 9:23 - 08 August 2021
Sunday, 8 August 2021 (YJC)_Medical professionals haven't ruled out the necessity of additional booster shots against COVID-19 for vaccinated people. Some governments are encouraging people to get a third dose; the precise period of immunity conferred by the inoculation hasn’t been determined yet.

Americans Lie About Their First Vaccine Shots to Receive Booster Dose, Report SaysA number of Americans concerned about the rapid spread of the new delta strain of Covid-19, are said to be lying about their first vaccination doses in order to get revaccinated, despite the fact that the US government hasn’t issued official recommendations for booster shots, the Associated Press reported on Friday.

Gina Welch, a 26-year-old student from Maine with asthma and a liver condition, said that she is “not going to wait another six months to a year for them to recommend a third dose.” She referred to “several virologists and epidemiologists on social media who have advocated for boosters”.

Other fibbers include a 52-year-old man from California who lied to his pharmacist, saying that he hadn’t received any vaccine jabs. The truth was revealed after he took the booster shot and the pharmacy contacted his insurance provider.

According to Colorado governor Jared Polis, people even use fake names, but they can’t be identified as there is no sufficient tracking system to trace fraud. In total, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed 900 people who have been revaccinated, but the actual number could be much higher.

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