The Zionist army fears Hezbollah on the northern front

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Publish Date: 14:26 - 08 August 2021
Sunday, 8 August 2021 (YJC)_ Zionist media reported that there was still a state of readiness on the northern front of the occupied territories.

The Zionist army fears Hezbollah on the northern frontAn Israeli security official stressed that we are on the verge of several days of conflict and the situation in Lebanon is worrying and we know that the front (conflict) has opened on the borders.

The Israeli official added that Israel does not tolerate the continuation of rocket fire from Lebanon and is ready for any scenario.

Lebanon's Hezbollah carried out rocket attacks on the occupied territories on Friday. The Lebanese Islamic Resistance issued a statement saying that at 11:15 (local time) (Friday), dozens of rockets were fired at the lands around the bases of the occupying Zionist regime in "Shaba'a Farms".

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